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Immedia integrates cutting-edge technology into your environment, creating solutions which produce results that increase efficiency, revenue, brand awareness and cost-savings. Integrating audio, video, and control system found in nearly every commercial venue is continuously requesting industry knowledge in communications, collaboration, productivity, and even simply making devices work more seamlessly. Immedia has designed and installed systems in many room types including, but not limited to Board Rooms, Training Rooms, Conference Rooms, Huddle Rooms, Video Walls and digital signage in Lobbies and throughout the facility.

We have outfitted many Network Operations Centers (NOCs). The application is in every industry, including retail, house of worship, education, manufacturing and commercial office spaces. We have solved some difficult client challenges, bringing to light the expertise in the industry that continues to lead Immedia to help clients face the challenges with workforce dynamics, virtual presence, or minimizing operational costs. We are committed to solving your issue and provide the functionality that fits your need, within your budget.


The many and varied systems we provide from world class manufacturers include Audio and Video, Security, cameras and access control, Lighting control, Shade systems and control, Climate control, wired and wireless networks, and Smart building systems. We interact with custom home and luxury condominium builders and developers, interior designers, lighting and electrical systems designers and contractors, custom cabinetry makers and IT professionals to ensure a seamless process from design through installation, to system orientation. Immedia was founded 12 years ago based in part on a commitment to the adage, "in order to be better, you have to be different." Our difference is embodied in our promise of 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.

There are many good "AV" companies who can install the various parts of the systems mentioned. However, there are few who can make all of these products perform as a single system that is easy to use. That’s what Integration is, and it's the hard part. To do it well, you need smart, experienced and committed people. The core of our residential team is composed of three talented individuals who have almost 60 years combined experience in residential systems, spread evenly across the design engineering, project management and programming disciplines. That's the difference.

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The growth of the digital education movement has escalated exponentially. Whether it is K-12 or higher education, we deploy technology to accommodate in-class requirements, coordinate virtual classroom applications, and strengthen the home-school connection. Teachers are finding that tech tools have more reach and flexibility than traditional methods, and can extend learning opportunities far beyond the bell. With online learning and tutoring, teacher dashboards, digital video, e-books, mobile applications and learning games with embedded assessments, the digital generation has far greater access to the tools that improve comprehension and achievement.

The versatility and cost-effectiveness of mobile devices – handheld computers with touch input or mini keyboards – have rendered them essential to our daily lives. There is now at least one mobile device for every human on the planet. An increase of students today are using mobile devices to manage their educational careers – for in-class work as well as for homework and studying. Middle-schoolers are using ed-tech for tasks that include online testing, creating presentations and accessing web-based teaching tools. Even elementary school child is using mobile devices every day in the classroom, including their own personal devices. In the education arena, we can apply technology to auditoriums, multi-purpose rooms, gymnasiums, stadiums, cafeterias, classroom technology, and digital signage.


IBT systems created by Immedia using Crestron and other hardware allow building and homeowners to Monitor, measure, manage, and control lighting, HVAC systems, and energy usage in every space. By understanding how energy consumption on one floor compares to another, or one building to another, provides the relative data you need to identify issues and opportunities for improvement.

Centrally control all lighting levels. This can be routine-based, ensuring buildings draw as little power as possible during non-working hours. It can also be schedule based, activating spaces for specific meetings or events. Lastly, it can be adaptive. By leveraging light sensors, lighting and shading can automatically adjusted based on current room conditions.

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