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Our approach to service is different because we view it as a competitive advantage, not a necessary evil. We recognize that technology doesn’t always work the way you want and usually breaks at the most inopportune times. We pride ourselves on resolving more than 70% of our service calls on the first visit. And, those service tickets are closed on average in 2.4 days.

If you have complex systems that need maintenance and support we would be happy to create a custom service plan and add you to our list of Immediacare clients who receive regularly scheduled visits along with increased response times and support levels.


As the only integrator in the southwest to successfully deploy large scale IBT (Integrated Building Technology) solutions, Immedia and Crestron integrates systems and technologies that typically operate in silos, so they work together as a single system. Audio, video, voice and data, lighting, security, digital signage, shades, and HVAC systems can be centrally monitored, managed, and controlled. Using Crestron software Immedia adds a layer of intelligence to turn an organization into an Intelligent Enterprise.

With the ability to fully integrate with HVAC systems, lighting controllers, and automatic motorized shades, Immedia and Crestron enables you to create intelligent routines. You can perfectly balance natural light, electric light, and room temperature, while understanding if the room is occupied and how it’s being used, to provide a comfortable work environment and energy efficient building.


As part of Immedia's cohesive process for the successful implementation of world-class audio-visual solutions, the design team works side by side with our project consultants to capture the vision our clients have for their facilities. This process begins with a thorough needs assessment survey and, whenever possible, a visit to the actual site to gather all of the information that will enable our team to design systems that will present the opportunity for our clients to meet and exceed their expectations for presentation and collaboration in the future.

The process of selecting the right products to achieve the highest level of up time is often overlooked for the sake of cost-savings. At Immedia we put every new product and manufacturer through a comprehensive testing and certification process. In every industry there are less expensive products to be purchased. However, our goal is to design solutions that last a lifetime and in order to that we only select manufacturer’s that will stand with us behind their products. No job is complete, of course, until the designs are brought to fruition. Immedia's design and engineering teams work closely with our project management and installation divisions to provide them with all of the tools necessary to realize each client's wishes for effective & inspiring communication.


Concerned about what is available in the latest business technology, or how to integrate your existing technologies into a new or updated room? Immedia can offer consulting services to help you determine the best technologies suited for your business operations. Immedia’s professional project consultants will meet with your staff, help to determine your companies technologies needs and provide your company with a detailed project plan or produce a complete RFP (request for proposal) for your next project.

Our approach is simple and holistic, we ask how you want to use the room, and then we listen to your answers. The very first step is to meet with the stakeholders and influencers in the project to help us understand how you use the space in question, and what functional requirements for each space will be. During this visit, we will capture the required technical information and discuss options on how to overcome any obstacles that may be present. Step number two will be to start assembling solutions and engineering a complete system for a presentation. Step three, present the solution(s) in a collaborative environment with the stakeholders to adjust or refine the scope of work. The fourth step is to present a final version of the project, which will include a complete proposal, Scope of Work, a Visual Scope of Work, and Equipment location drawings, and finally the specifications of each piece of equipment to be installed. After review of the entire design, and your signature has been received on the proposal, we then will immediately begin to interface with both your facilities and its personnel to schedule meetings to move the project forward.


Our installation process begins well before our technicians arrive onsite. In the days and weeks leading up to the actual installation our technicians along with the assigned Project Manager and Sales Consultant meet in house to review the designs and discuss potential obstacles. Before our installation crew arrives onsite they visit each job site with the Project Manager in an effort to familiarize themselves with the lay of the land along with formally meeting with our client.

Once the project has moved to the installation phase our crew works tirelessly to ensure the project is finished on time. Our high standard of quality takes a front seat to all else. Immedia’s project certification process ensures that the final installation has been checked not just once, but three times. Our lead installation technician's thoroughly testing each system followed by our highly qualified programmers. At the conclusion of the preliminary testing our Installation Manager rounds out the testing by performing a full system certification using an Infocomm approved certification application. By the time the final certification is completed the client is delivered a fully tested, certified and properly functioning system.

Additional Services

  • Unified Communication
  • Digital Signage
  • Audio Visual Systems
  • Building Control & Automation